Kevin on The 405

British music blog The 405 asked Kevin to write about his favorite album, and you can read his article at The 405’s What We Talk About When We Talk Music. Kevin wrote a heartfelt piece about the album Key Lime Pie by Camper Van Beethoven. About how he came to purchase the album with his lunch money way back in elementary school: “It was probably a year or more before I was finally able to track down and purchase the album. I found it in a a little record shop in Montreal on a class field trip. I don’t remember how my friend and I were able to slip away from the group, but I think we convinced one of the younger chaperones – someone’s older sister, or maybe it was the art teacher who was obsessed with the Talking Heads – to ditch the tour of the Olympic Tower and take us downtown to find a music shop.” That’s Love.

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