Ghost Ghost is an indie pop band led by long-time friends and singer-songwriters Kevin Peckham and Karl Ward with multi-instrumentalist Mark Christensen.


Time is Gravity (2008)

Ward grew up in a barrio neighborhood of Houston, Texas, complete with early memories of drive-by shootings. Peckham hails from what he calls “the quiet desperation” of rural New Hampshire. The pair share in their songwriting a distinct, if dark vision, based on unusual childhoods in unusual places.

Ghost Ghost self-produced and self-released their debut EP “Time is Gravity” in 2008, garnering much attention on the NYC club scene and hand-selected airplay by Matt Pinfield on the New York rock station WRXP.

Ghost Ghost first received national attention in 2010 with “No Clothes on Ragged Island” a more rootsy freak-folk concept album about the life of early 20th century poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, a lyrical tour-de-force written in one day and recorded in one week.

2010 also marked the bands debut on MTV in the season finale of the show World of Jenks and their first official CMJ rock showcase.

In 2011 the band debuted a new sound at SXSW — a more experimental indie pop approach blending Brian Wilson inspired vocal harmonies and a modern indie-pop songwriting approach with surprising beat juxtapositions.

In 2012 the band took a break with marriages happening, babies being born, and loved ones falling seriously ill.

In early 2013 the band marked its return with the release of the triumphant single Hey Princess also picked-up by MTV for use in the second season of World of Jenks.

Hey Princess Album Cover

Hey Princess (2013)